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I couldn't stop thinking about how we might tackle the incredibly inequitable digital divide and the kids that this system had left behind. It kept me up at night. It still does. That's why I'm doing this.

 Kat O'Brien

Executive Producer, WE STILL TEACH

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I've lived the digital divide, both as a student with limited resources and a professional working with tech companies. The best innovation lies in repurposing ubiquitous technologies, 
combining them with community resources, and strategically
reaching backward 
to move
every student forward.

 Tamika Spaulding

Executive Producer, WE STILL TEACH

Born out of a desire to reach students without internet access who are cut off from remote learning, WE STILL TEACH features fun and educational lessons from Chicago area teachers, community contributors and kids broadcast directly to students on local TV.

School districts struggle to adequately meet the needs of students who do not have access to broadband internet and devices. Even if and when they can do that, digital literacy remains a challenge. Families who do have internet access remain over-burdened--essential workers out in the field, parents workers from home...  P
arents are burning out, working without childcare and educational support, while facilitating instruction for their kids.

Enter WE STILL TEACH, driven by the passion of our producing team.

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Melinda Spaulding Headshot.jpg

The Executive Producers of WE STILL TEACH  leverage decades of experience with film and TV production, development, writing, creative ideation, performance, and parenting--not only creating the groundbreaking WE STILL TEACH TV program, but providing innovative workshops for teachers, administrators, and parents to creatively translate teaching techniques and curriculum for remote learning as the world battles the pandemic. 

Our team's combined experience uniquely prepared us to suit up for this challenge to successfully reach and support our greater community of families. 

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WE STILL TEACH works with educators to create content that is anti-racist, anti-bias, or that specifically explores racism, police violence,
or systemic inequalities. 

Kat O'Brien
Executive Producer, We Still Teach
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This project has been extremely therapeutic for me. The opportunity to get involved with
WE STILL TEACH has truly served as a renaissance for my teaching spirit.

 Eric Young

Teacher, Poet & Contributor

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