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WE STILL TEACH is an innovative educational concept, allowing teachers to broadcast classes directly to students' TVs--successfully bridging the digital divide for the 1 in 5 Chicago students and estimated 9-to-12 million US students without internet or associated devices.

Conceived and launched during the coronavirus crisis, this exciting collaboration between the
Chicago Teachers Union and Fox 32/My 50 educates and connects all students to teachers and their community, while providing the social-emotional connection they need to thrive during the challenges of the pandemic.

Because, through it all...WE STILL TEACH.

WE STILL TEACH Season 2 airs Saturdays at 11am on FOX32/WPWR MY50.

11am       Grades K-3

11:30am   Grades 4-12

WE STILL TEACH provides subject-diverse educational enrichment to students grades K-12—enabling teachers to connect with students by broadcasting directly to their home televisions.   


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Quote Mark

We have enormous teaching talent in this school district, and it’s thrilling to see our educators step up to the plate and offer our students this valuable content.

 Jesse Sharkey
President, Chicago Teachers Union


WE STILL TEACH is made possible through the volunteer efforts of Chicago teachers who have gone above and beyond the scope of their employment to provide content that is visual, fun, educational, diverse, and reflective of the city and its kids.

WE STILL TEACH is further supported by the generosity of the following organizations, continuously creating new materials and delivering inspirational messages to kids during this crisis.

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